Thursday, June 4, 2015

2018 Park Reservoir Fishing Map and Fishing Report, plus California Hunting Clubs this area

Photo 2015 East Park Reservoir with Fishing Map and Fishing Report

2017 East Park Reservoir Fishing Map and Fishing Report, & Fishing,  Hunting Clubs, and Private Hunting Ranches

Not as well reputed as Black Butte and Stony Gorge, but East Park Reservoir gets the fish! East Park tends to warm early and the  water level is definitely low this year. 
As our fishing map shows, the  large number of trees, stumps and stickups at each end of the lake are even more pronounced this year.
There is decent surface bass action on Hula  Poppers or Buzz baits and crank bait. Suggest a 10- to l5-pound test line to keep big  bass fiom breaking off.  You can troll small plugs for a mix of warm-water species either. 
According to our fishing report for 2015, when surface waters exceed 70 degrees, go to the deep drop off points and over the flooded creek bed.
East Park success would find you on the lake at dawn, and before dark as the big bass go deep when boat traffic comes later in the day.
Our Fishing Report concludes you should look for steep points that reach into the stump shallows to deeper water, creek mouths and seepage springs.
As our fishing map shows, the long promontory that divides has numbers of good bass, but the low water and summer heat will lower the reservoir, so find the bass in the rocks and cover.
 Crappie, spotted bass and bluegills  like worms, small minnows and jigs bounced under small bobbers and flies.  Ultralight outfitted with 2- to 4-pound test leaders in open areas, but switch to 6- to 8-pound test when around flooded timber. Have Fun!!!

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